Natural Burial Section in Meadowvale Cemetery

Opened in 2012, Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries’ first natural burial section is located in Meadowvale Cemetery. The one-acre site is being developed in order to permit human remains to be returned to the earth as naturally as possible.

Situated adjacent to the wildlife preservation area, this section, features a central memorial lookout and four large granite memorial obelisks. Each grave will permit the burial of one full-body casket, and one cremated remains. To promote the natural process, embalming is not permitted. As well, biodegradable caskets, shrouds or urns must be used. Caskets and urns may not contain varnishes or lacquers, and burial vaults or outer containers are not allowed. In an effort to minimize the impact on the area, grasses covering the surveyed area will not be mowed, although natural grass pathways will be maintained to discourage traffic on the graves within the section.

For more information about our new natural burial area, please contact Meadowvale Cemetery directly at 905-451-3716 or