Post-COA Decision

Mistruths vs Fact

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Post-COA Decision

Even With Legal Clarity In Hand, Detractors Continue Campaign to Discredit MPG

On May 5th, 2020, the Court of Appeal dismissed all the claims made against MPG and provided definitive legal clarity on all matters disputed by Friends of Toronto Public Cemeteries, Kristyn Wong-Tam and the Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario.  The genesis of the dispute began in 2006 and after fourteen years of defending MPG’s integrity, the decision represented the opportunity for MPG to return its undivided attention to doing what it was created to do, serving families during their most difficult times.

Despite the clarity the Court of Appeal solidified, MPG’s detractors have applied to the Supreme Court of Canada for a leave to appeal the decision.  While we wait to hear the Supreme Court’s determination whether the leave for appeal has merits to be heard, MPG’s integrity continues to be undermined by those who have perpetuated this dispute. 

In a Toronto Star op-ed, Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam shared false accusations and mistruths in an attempt to further discredit MPG’s integrity and reputation.  We want the public to understand the truth. The Ontario Court of Appeal’s May decision validated MPG’s position on all accounts yet, here we are today experiencing a continuation of the same tactics employed by a small group of disgruntled individuals. We have provided a copy of Councillor Wong-Tam’s opinion piece here as well as our response here.