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Service Protocols/Procedures

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Updated April 22, 2020


For All Funeral, Cremation and Interment Services

  • Any individual who is under quarantine will not be permitted to attend services
  • In the interest of all attendees’ health, expressions of sympathy such as handshaking, hugging and other direct contact should be avoided.


Additional precautions specific to:

A.      Funeral Services – Visitations/Services/Receptions/Ritual Washing and Dressing Services

    • Visitation and funeral services held in a MPG facility will be limited to 2 hours per family
    • We are suspending reception services
    • Ritual washing and dressing services in the presence of anyone other than our employees is suspended
    • Families will be encouraged to hold the visitation, funeral service, cremation witnessing (where applicable) and the burial/entombment on the same day, wherever possible
    • To ensure social distancing is maintained, chairs for the funeral service will be set up with a 2-chair gap
    • Food and beverages will not be permitted during visitations until further notice
    • If appropriate, families should consider the option of deferring services (e.g. hold a small private event and defer a public event for a later date)
    • Attendees who exhibit signs of illness may be asked to wear a mask and observe the Safe Distance Protocol
    • We encourage families to request that family members and guests who are not well should not attend, and that in the interest of everyone’s health, expressions of sympathy such as handshaking, hugging and other direct contact should be avoided
    • We encourage families to conclude their events by 8 PM to allow us time to clean and disinfect the facilities at the end of the day.


B.      Interment

    • Individuals will be permitted to approach the grave to place flowers on the casket once our employees have had the opportunity to distance themselves a minimum of 6 feet
    • The casket will not be lowered until the attendees have vacated the area


C.      Mausoleum and Niche Entombments

    • All attendees will be required to adhere to the Safe Distance Protocol maintaining at least 6 feet from our staff at all times
    • Services shall be completed in an outdoor common area in front of the building
    • During the placement in and sealing of the crypt or niche, attendance will be limited to a maximum of 10 individuals for casket entombments; 5 individuals for urn entombments (a 6-foot distance from staff must be maintained at all times).


D.      Cremation Witnessing

    • Witnessing services have been suspended at this time in accordance with directives from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario