Updates For Customers

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Service Protocols/Procedures

Updates For Customers

Updated July 30, 2020


On-site services are focused on those required because a death has occurred i.e. Funeral Arrangements / Services / Burials / Necessary Deliveries.


For all other requests (Pre-planning, memorials, inscriptions) please call the cemetery for assistance.  Some of these requests can be looked after through email or on-line meetings.


General maintenance of the cemetery will continue. We have provided some information below for Wreaths, Special Care and Flowerbed Programs.


Wreaths – All natural wreaths will be removed after April 15th.   


  1. All other wreaths will be tagged and stored until May 1st.  
  2. To retrieve your wreath from storage please contact the office to make an appointment.
  3. The wreath will be at the gate and you will be required to provide identification that the wreath is yours.
  4. All wreaths that haven’t been retrieved by May 1st will be disposed of. 


Special Care/Flowerbed – our Special Care and Flowerbed program will continue for the 2020 season as planned.